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Had a delivery on Saturday 14 June of 2 bottles which Classic Ales had obviously sent unbidden to replace one that had been broken when my case had been delivered. Great service and the beer is a definite 4.5/5, even from my father-in-law and he is a connoisseur.
The beer is quite good for the 11 intact bottles I received. It appears the delivery staff are superb as they managed to break one bottle out of 12 in a very precise manner that shows an accuracy of breakage unsurpassed by any other delivery staff I have encountered before.
its mint
I bought a case of piledriver for a friend who likes it didn't know how to get it so ordered it direct arrived within 36 hours a fantastic service and the beer is great many thanks
Bought a case, had a couple, I'm off to order another two now!
I found the ale unexpectedly pleasant. Very drinkable. I usually prefer a darker, heavier ale closer to a stout and a bit less of the amber but this is good. And the marketing artwork and logo are the best I've ever seen. I think this would go down very well of a summer's evening. Like at Download ;-)
Great beer, fast delivery.
I found Piledriver pretty ordinary unfortunately - it essentially tastes like a lesser version of Hobgoblin without quite so much depth, so I would stick with that in future.
Really good ale, just a treat like the bands' music. But your service from "Classicales" was superb. No way did I expect a nextday service for a crate of beer at a "pandp" that's about the norm pricewise. What a wonderful surprise. Thank you.
Very pleasant and tasteful . Very easy to drink a few a night.
A smooth ale with a rich fruity flavour.
A really tasty, easy drinking ale. Light, yet with a hint of fruit. Delicious - as catchy as a Quo chorus!
As a big fan of Status Quo of many many years, I had to buy Piledriver. What I didn't expect was, to my surprise, how good the ale is. The right strength, with slight fruity hoppy flavour. A fine amber ale, which I'll most definitely be purchasing again. Even with the £5.99 PandP, it still works out at a very reasonable £2 for a 500ml bottle :)
Best beer I have drunk in ages! Highly recommended

Review for Status Quo Piledriver

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