New Beers Resolution

Amidst some of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are commitments to lose weight, enjoy life to the fullest, stay fit and healthy, and to fall in love.

I’m very lucky. I fell in love with beer and the fact I get to live in the beer world, day to day at work, is my idea of heaven. So, I thought I’d share with you a little way in which beer can be built into a healthy lifestyle, just in case you made one of those popular resolutions too.

Lose Weight

The beer belly is a myth! (Best thing you’ve heard this year perhaps!) It’s fat free, but not calorie free. The calorie content in any alcoholic drink is generally linked to the alcohol strength and any residual sugar.

Logically, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds this year, the equation is pretty simple. Consume fewer calories than you use and the weight will disappear. And volume for volume, beer is lower in calories than most alcoholic beverages, since it’s generally lower in strength too. For instance, ½ pint (284ml) of 4% beer has less calories in it than a small glass of wine (175ml), and has about the same calories as a slim-line gin and tonic (25ml measure and calorie free mixer) which, in my experience, is what weight loss groups often suggest as the low calorie option.

Clearly, this is great news for beer lovers committing to dropping a few pounds but still looking to enjoy their favourite drinks. And since the calories are linked to the alcohol percentage or volume, then switching to lower strength beers or smaller measures can be a good way to shave off a few calories; with no need to compromise on flavour!

If you love golden ales then try Wychwood Firecatcher for a flavourful, but lighter alternative and at just 3.5%, she’s still got plenty of citrus sparkle. Or, if darker beers are more your cup of tea, Wychwood Arrowaine is dark, sweet and decadent, even at 3.6%.

If you’d rather not compromise on strength, how about a craft beer in 330ml can? 13 Guns IPA and King Star Lager are pretty new to our online selection and come in smaller cans and a choice of 12 or 24 packs.

Wychwood Firecatcher Arrowaine 13 Guns IPA King Star Lager beers

Just remember to enjoy them in moderation.

Stay Fit and Healthy

No, I’m not about to suggest using a bottle of Marston’s Pedigree as a hand weight for arm curls.

Staying fit and healthy is about finding the balance between treats and lifestyle choices. It might be you want to enjoy a low carbohydrate lifestyle, especially if you’re at risk of Diabetes? Or maybe you want to try a gluten-free lifestyle for a month and see if you feel better in yourself? Perhaps, it’s as simple as being mindful and considering some calorie off-setting in order to indulge in a brew or two.

Marston’s Resolution is special beer that goes through an additional process at the brewery that makes sure there’s virtually no residual sugar left in the beer, making for a dry, crisp beer to enjoy that’s lower in carbohydrate when compared to other beers.

Marston's Resolution beer

Wychwood Gratis is a great option for the coeliacs and those avoiding gluten in their diets. Certified by the coeliac society as gluten free, this is a fairly new beer from Wychwood which delivers plenty of flavour.

Wychwood Gratis beer

For me though, it’s about calorie offsetting. So if the average 500ml bottle of beer contains about 220 calories (or there about), I’ll be offsetting a bottle with 40 minutes recreational ice skating. Alternatively, you could do 25 minutes of brisk walking, 20 minutes on the bike, an hour spent gardening, or even 40 minutes of dancing in your underwear.

Enjoy Life to the Fullest

This little morsel is less about what we supply at Classic Ales, but a recommendation for you, the beer lover. Here in the UK, we’re pretty privileged to have so many breweries on all our doorsteps, and even more lucky that a good number throw open their doors and invite the public in on a brewery tour. It’s an industry steeped in heritage and you won’t end up in a museum, but a lively, operational environment where you can try some brews, learn how our national drink is produced, and discover the magical stories and secrets of beer.

If you like the sound of a year filled with discoveries, then consider a visit to one of our sister breweries. More information can be found:

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  • Marston's brewery
  • Banks's brewery
  • Ringwood brewery
  • Jennings brewery


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