Regular customers of our website may well notice a new look range from Marston’s Brewery beginning to appear in their orders. We are delighted to have the full range available here at Classic Ales.


So what’s changed? Firstly it’s not our beer recipes; they’re exactly the same as they’ve always been. But we do have a new look and more importantly an attitude that’s rooted in our proud past but talks to a new generation of drinkers thirsty for authentic British brands.

So what’s it all about? Clearly we want to have beers that not only taste good but appeal to a wider range of customers. New and younger drinkers, who are visiting pubs and bars a lot more than other drinkers are looking for beers on the bar that tell a story. They like the simplicity and authenticity of what they see out there. For them it feels real.

This is about Marston’s just presenting ourselves in a new and honest way, as only a true Burton brewery can and opening our beers up to a new audience.

A couple of the changes you might spot include a brand new identity for the fabulous Marston’s Oyster Stout, now known as Pearl Jet, and an update to Marston’s Pedigree which will now be bottle conditioned.

What is Bottle Conditioning? Bottle Conditioned beers are closer to cask, in that there is still yeast in the bottle allowing a secondary fermentation to take place. What this means is that the carbonation is smoother, the head should linger longer and the overall beer should be far closer to that beer in the pub we all know and love! You might find a slight haze on the beer when you come to pour it, because of the yeast in the beer, but if you give it a little time to settle out and then pour with care you should get a bright brew.

Get in touch and tell us, what do you think?

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