Who Is The Hobgoblin?

This year, we are celebrating Halloween, the season of mischief, with the legendry Hobgoblin. But, who really is he?

There is only one Hobgoblin.

He is a mythical medieval character that lives in the old Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood, in the heart of England. He is a creature of the woods and you will never find him. Never. Because of this, some sceptics do not believe that he even exists. There is a bloke who lives in a railway carriage in Wales who claims to be the Hobgoblin every now and then, but everyone knows he´s not really.

He is a woodsman by trade; and a great believer in traditional craft. He has nothing but respect for the forest and the natural world.

He is an outsider, but will champion his beliefs. He can be agitated by people he feels are The Hobgoblin has accepted the fact that the Wychwood Brewery has adopted him as their 'sponsor', and the name and face of their most famous beer Hobgoblin. It´s not really his style to endorse a product, but hey...

He is a great admirer of the brewery because they do things the right way - respecting the traditional craft of brewing, using only the finest ingredients and still doing things by hand rather than machine, thereby creating beer as it should be: full of flavour, without being in any way thick or heavy.

The Legendary Hobgoblin Beer was originally brewed in 1988 for a local landlord in celebration of his daughter´s wedding. This masterpiece of a beer was deliciously dark and rich. By January 1996 the first batch of Hobgoblin beer bottles were produced. 20 years later, Hobgoblin is now the flagship beer of Wychwood Brewery and one of the bestselling beers in the UK.

In recent years, we´ve seen the Hobgoblin joined by a King of Beers - King Goblin - and Hobgoblin Gold, a cunningly crafted golden treat. The Goblin Beers are full of character, not unlike the Hobgoblin himself - surprisingly likeable once you get to know him..

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