Marston's Resolution

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24 x 275ml


ALC. 4.7% VOL 1.29 units

Marston’s Resolution delivers punchy flavours and lots of character. In order to deliver all of that wonderful flavour, which Marston’s is renowned for, Marston’s Resolution undergoes a double fermentation process which turns all sugars into alcohol.

The end result is a strong, refreshing beer that’s less filling and easier to drink. Not only this, but it’s also great tasting with lots of full-bodied flavours which are finished off with a refreshing, crisp note.



love this beer i am on a keto diet and this beer fits perfectly and i love the taste
Back again for another 3 packs (so no delivery charge). Great beer as I have type 2 diabetes and control it with a LCHF diet using advice from Diet Doctor. This beer is a great find as thereand#39;s not many low carb beers in the UK and Resolution tastes great.
Very surprised how good it tasted for a low c beer.Delivered next day very satisfied all round.
Lovely beer, great if you need to keep an eye on your blood sugar.
Found this beer after searching for a low carb beer that works with the Atkins diet .Really enjoy this beer ,you wonand#39;t be disappointed .
Excellent, a brilliant choice if you have type 2 diabetes.
I love beer and this is one of the best if not the best, being diabetic and on a low carb diet this is ideal for me.
I needed to find a good beer that was also low carb - I am a type 2 diabetic so when I found this I was very interested - it's only 2g carbs per bottle so I took the plunge and ordered some. Very prompt delivery - but shipping a bit pricy so order at least 2 trays to soften the blow. What is it like? As you would expect, very dry but with a good hoppy flavour. Very nice. I'm ordering some more in the very near future. It didn't spike my bloods very much at all, so looks like a goer.
its the only beer i can drink as a diabetic and struggle to find it in shops or bars....NEVER STOP MAKING IT.
Really surprised with this beer. I used to be a fan of Michelob Ultra, but that's become rarer than wood droppings from a rocking horse. So, searched the inter-web and found this beer. Significantly better tasting, and would you believe LESS carbs and calories than Ultra! Impressive, especially considering it's decent from a taste perspective. however, don't expect the leather patch brigade to gush about this beer: It's good, but no award winner - Just a great quaffing beer.
Excellent beer. as a diabetic,I have finally found a beer that doesn't blow my blood sugars out of the water.Well done!!!. My only gripe is that you can't buy it in supermarkets.
Great product but hard to find in the shops/draft. If low carb beer tastes this good, then other brewers should look at doing it. Fast but expensive delivery
Full of flavour and a pleasure to drink. The low carb aspect is a bonus
Just switched to a low carb diet regime so was resigned to giving up beer. As a CAMRA member, this is like losing an arm (or worse!) However, my second trawl of the internet brought news of Revolution. Better, it was made by one of my favourite breweries, Marstons. Frustratingly, no pointers to which pub in my area stocked it so placed an order for 24 bottles. Very dry (as expected of a beer that's been through the brewing process twice) with a twang of flavour. Has a little 'Miss Jean Brodie' character (stern and strict) but a decent alcohol content so you soon move on. Best of all, for my enforced diet, each bottle contains less than 2 grams net carbs. That's a big deal for us low-carbies!
Love this, but it's hard to find. Prompt delivery of 48 bottles just in time for the heat wave - saved my diet !
Very please with this drink, a friend got me a case because I have diabetes 2, I thought it was great, so I ordered 2 cases for the summer.
Works very well on Atkins/Low carb diets. Two bottles gives you almost a full pint of an excellent tasting beer (that is identical to the look and taste of lager). At 4.7%, it is quite strong, very refreshing and crisp. It is the lowest carb beer I can find and I am happy to drink it even when I'm not on a low carb diet, as it is genuinely refreshing, smooth and fairly strong-you wont be disappointed, if you can get hold of any!

Review for Marston's Resolution

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