Wychwood Ginger Beard

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12 x 500ml


ALC. 4.2% VOL 2.1 units

Back off its Ginger Beard! He's a fiery character and his beer is no different. Wychwood Ginger Beard is a pale amber ale is infused with fiery root ginger to deliver a spicy finish with a bit of bite. Serve chilled or over ice to calm the flames!

Wychwood Ginger Beard is a traditionally crafted ale with a natural flavour enhanced through an infusion of root ginger to provide a surprising earthy taste with a spicy kick. It's perfect for summer barbeques and outdoor events.



Fast delivery and a friendly driver.

The beer itself is nice (once you get used to how sweet it is compared with most beers and ciders), I particularly enjoyed the hit of ginger in the back of the throat after youand#39;ve swallowed. It has a nice gingery aroma, but is not overpowering. The flavours have a Christmassy feel however this would be equally as enjoyable during the summer due to the style.
really great beer, have to find new hiding place for it, wife keeps nicking them
This beer was encountered by chance when a relative scooped up a random sample of ales from a cricket match beer tent. Many were delicious but this Ginger Beard (I have a silvery one) astonished me with its rich sweet-peppery taste. I just had to have more - and now my wishes have been granted. Let the summer continue hot and thirst-making. I have the perfect quencher!
And it is a beer. None of that fizzy stuff that pretends to be ale. This is beer that tastes of ginger! I will be buying more. Fantastic service too - thanks Classic Ales :)
A beautiful hot spicy beer, and a wonderful colour
wow real nice ginger taste will be getting more
We love this it is not a ginger beer, it is a beer with ginger. Really good tasting beer, just the right amount of ginger. Good cold or warm.
Excellent beer. Delivery very speedy and fantastic service. I would definately order from classicales again without reservation.
fabulous low alcoholic ginger beer ! very satisfying and smooth. so moresome...
I love this beer, have never tasted another ginger beer that is so good.

Review for Wychwood Ginger Beard

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