Wychwood Hobgoblin

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Mini Cask


ALC. 4.5% VOL 2.25 units

Hobgoblin Mini Cask of Ruby Ale is ideal for sharing at parties, bbqs and festivals. Your favourite Cask Strength Ruby beer is available to enjoy in 5 litre mini cask.



Got a mini cask for a family gathering and it poured better than in the pub. Absolutely perfect.
Amazing taste, absolutely loved it. But really, not worth the money. Most supermarkets are doing 3 hobgoblins for a fiver, I got just under 9 pints from this cask at £30 including carriage, and by pint 8 it was pretty flat (night after opening). So much much cheaper to buy the bottles.
Always a beautiful beer even more so in the mini cask . Wonderful
Good good good it's just like been in the pub 14 days shelf life I'm ashamed to say it went in a night fantastic
after some slight problems regarding stock item was dispatched quickley i was keept in the loop at all times and as for beer need i say more i will be ordering on a regular basis
Excellent beer, very quick and efficient service. Recommended
Brilliant!! I couldn't ask for better.will definitely be ordering more in the future.dont hesitate just buy...!!
Just worked my way through two of these. Great stuff, easy to use, fits nicely into the fridge to keep cool in warm weather. Beer tasted exactly as it should on draught and unless Wychwood are going to buy my local and open it as a Wychwood house, I am going to have to rely on these mini marvels to keep my supply of draught Hobgoblin going. Delivery was by Citylink courier and they delivered as and when they said they would so 10/10 on delivery. Price was more expensive than bottled or canned Hobgoblin, but you get what you pay for, only down side was beer strength being reduced. All in all a good buy
As usual, this beer doesn't disappoint. Looking forward to enjoying a pub quality pint sat by the fire pit in the back garden this weekend!
I purchased this beer for my husband (fathers day). The beer arrived in perfect condition, as good as cask ale in the pub he said, better as he can spend more time with me, it keeps well (he thinks it improves with age like me) a rich ruby beer bursting with 'hoppy' flavour, he can't get enough of it...enough said!
Just like the beer you get in the pub. A little expensive but as a treat well worth the extra money
was not packed very well as they were rolling around in the box. but once it settled it still tasted real good....
I like Hobgoblin but at the time I was asked to write this review, 17 Jun 2013, it had not been delivered. The expected delivery was 14 Jun 2013, and City link confirmed that on 13 Jun 2013, but on the due date the e-mailed me to say that it has been delayed and that a new delivery date would be advised, it was not. It was planned to use it at a Father's Day event but that was prevented by the late delivery, I will probably enjoy it over the next weekend, but it won't be the same..
Took it out of the box and the handle fell off onto the concrete patio. The clip on one side was faulty. Still appear to have a pint or so left in the bottom but unable to get it out. Shame really, really lovely tasting beer. and when you add it all up 6 pints of beer or thereabouts for £25 worked out rather expensive. But what we had of the product was really nice. Sorry! JT.
takin this to download festival this year already had a cheeky taste an its perfect just as good as if i was in a pub i will be gettin more
The order arived promptly but went to the wrong adress. luckily in the same street. The cask was well packaged and I will probably buy more in the future.
Hobgoblin is my husbands favourite beer ever, just wish more pubs served it on draught. We think the mini casks are a fabulous idea, and have really enjoyed the beer, so much so that we will be ordering some more next week for his 65th birthday. Just wondered though if you have considered doing the mini casks in the same ABV as the bottles of Hobgoblin? We would certainly buy more!
Ordered 2 packs of 12 bottles Arrived in 2 days Intended to save them for wifes birthday party in 3 weeks Looks like I am going to have to order more have just opened the second pack
I purchased this as a little wedding present for my father. I had been struggling to think of something to get and found this site online that sold Hobgoblin which is his favourite beer/ale. So that along with a personalised tankard was the perfect present and it went down a treat. What a find and thanks to Classic Ales
Arrived very quickly and at a perfect temperature. Tasted fresh and lovely. Will be buying again for sure
The delivery was fast ordered on thursday and received Monday.The ale itself tastes every bit as good as it would be in the pub and the fastcask system means that you don't need it to settle so you will always have good quality clear Beer on tap!!!
Beer very palatable from the cask without the slightly over carbonation found in the bottles. The taste reminds me of a very good home brewed ale, natural taste. The secondary fermentation seems to do the job in giving the beer that extra edge and the mechanism for the replacement of gas above the beer keeps it fresh. This is a good way of delivering an already good beer and making it slightly better.
This is better then the real ale pumps. Quality products I will be continuing to buy more.
My biking buddy and I recently have been drinking hobgoblin in bottles. Visited a pub and tried it draught very very nice. Found mini cask on net ordered and found it better than the pubs draught!! Easy to order easy , easy to use, easy to store, easy to pour., easy on the eye and very very easy to drink. Thanks will be ordering more for the summer BBQ
Have just received my THIRD mini cask (but I do "Drink Sensibly" - it lasts for nigh on a week) and it is just as good as the others. In the past month I have sampled a couple of pints of HG at our local "J D ClimateForks" and, although they always keep their beer in excellent condition, I would say that it tastes even better from the mini cask. Cheers!
Recently discovered mini-cask, have become a huge fan. Old Scrumper is a delicious tasty ale which is well suited to mini-cask home dispensing.
10 and half pints of pure genius many thanks for a great service just wish I could get it on tap in my local here in Swaffham, Norfolk. Here's to the next cask .... cheers Graeme Bailey
this must be the best yet hobgoblin on draught. the mini cask ARE the best I have ever seen,keeps your beer lovely and fresh.It's just like having your own pub at home
Fresh, tasty and keeps well just what you want from your ale. Will be ordering some more.
Excellent. I have ordered another one.

Review for Wychwood Hobgoblin

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